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 Being a Leader (Being a TALON)

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Being a Leader (Being a TALON) Empty
PostSubject: Being a Leader (Being a TALON)   Being a Leader (Being a TALON) Icon_minitimeSun Sep 09, 2007 8:38 pm

As a TALON, it is your duty to lead with the best of your ability as it is to follow. It is important for everyone to accept that different individuals have different ways of leading and a different tactical sense. However, these things should be Common in any Squad Leader:

Taking Charge

That's right. What good is a squad leader without his squad? It is important to make sure that the squad sticks together at all times, be it moving together, taking towers, or even going with the zerg. Now we all know that sometimes the distance between the squad will start to increase from time to time, but as a squad leader you should notice this and handle it accordingly. There should never have to be anyone else regrouping the squad for you. YOU are the squad leader. It's important to inform the rest of the squad of what they need to do in a strong manner. Also important to know that we all make mistakes. Sometimes your decision will not be a good one. But knowing that your squad carried it out nonetheless is satisfying and signifies respect between the team. It's better to have a leader who can lead than a leader who can make good decisions but not lead, which leads to the next topic;

Being Open

A good squad leader knows that he or she cannot always make decisions by themselves. It's always good to let the rest of the squad have a say in what they think should be done. This also applies to the fact that some people are great at tactical decisions but not leading a squad and vice versa. A good decision maker and an excellent leader put together is even more effective than one person. Also, if you run out of any plans, you need to accept it and let the squad know that if they have any ideas, they should not hesitate to share them. Also be sure to talk about your decision with another squad leader if you are in a platoon.

And most importantly:

Being Respectful

ALWAYS respect everyone in your squad. No exceptions. Sometimes someone in the squad won't understand what you said and you may have to repeat it more than once, and that's fine. Maybe you just needed to explain it better. However remember that the only time an order should be repeated is when someone didn't understand what you meant or wasn't in the squad when you issued the order. Respect for your squad will help let them know that each one of them matters to the team and their suggestions are important.

So next time you decide to lead a squad keep these things in mind and MAKE SURE you do them. If for some reason you lack any of the above, then you can request to be taught from a successful squad leader on how to become a good one yourself. This is encouraged between every member. Teach each other things.

If you have any questions, or would like to become a better leader, please PM me or any other of the usual squad leaders. It's important to have a squad going successfully while the usual SLs aren't around Smile
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Being a Leader (Being a TALON)
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