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 Being a Follower (Being a Team Player, Being a TALON)

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Being a Follower (Being a Team Player, Being a TALON) Empty
PostSubject: Being a Follower (Being a Team Player, Being a TALON)   Being a Follower (Being a Team Player, Being a TALON) Icon_minitimeSun Sep 09, 2007 9:42 pm

As you know TALON is all about teamwork. Here are some tips on how to be a successful follower and boost the performance of the squad as a whole.

Set the Example

TALONs, set the example. You will hear me say this whenever we are platooning with another outfit. However this also applies to us. As a TALON, your mission is to work as a team and spread this teamwork like a virus throughout the Terran Republic. When people see us working together and winning, they will want to do it, too. Sometimes a lone wolf may slip past our gates and get in the outfit, and that can be bad. The only way for us to know about them is if you, the team players, stay together and work as a team. The loners will be singled out and dealt with.

To stay together, you must worry about yourself first. If a squad leader wants you to regroup, you should drop what you are doing, respond and let the squad leader know that you are on your way, and get there. If everyone does this also then, there you go, you just did a successful squad regroup. If some people aren't quite regrouping, encourage them to hurry and let them know we are waiting for them.

Encourage the Squad Leader

Inform them of their progress as a Squad Leader. Give them the 'Great job, ______" or "Nice, that was a good decision, _______" and etc. Also if they are not doing such a great job, kindly inform them in a positive manner. Nothing pleases a squad leader more than to see that the rest of his squad is paying attention and following orders.

Help the Squad Leader

Being a Squad Leader isn't an easy task. Sometimes the Squad Leader will be too busy to notice some things. If you see someone is doing something wrong (IE lonewolfing, not following orders), tell the person to do his job and help the rest of the team. But remember, only do this if you yourself are following orders and you are at the location the squad leader told you to go to. Also if you notice anything on the map (base/tower got hacked) inform the Squad Leader so that he or she may adjust accordingly. Remember that you're feedback and suggestions matter. If you see that there is a better option than the current order, suggest it to the Squad Leader.

Remember these things and enforce yourselves and others to commit to them and you will have a blast.
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Being a Follower (Being a Team Player, Being a TALON)
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